Privacy Policy

As of this writing, I have actually disabled all ads and tracking. However, I haven't made up my mind about disabling them permanently. You should consider the following as still being in place.

"Cookies" are small text files a website can save to your browser. For example, on this site, if you set your language to "Spanish," this site writes a cookie on your browser. The next time you load a page, it will check for the cookie, see "Spanish," and load Spanish. If, say, you were using Chrome, and you opened the site with Edge, it can't read the cookie saved to the other browser. However, one website can read the cookies another website wrote to your browser, which is the current basis of online personalized advertising.

If, say, you visit a fashion blog that uses an ad vendor like Google, the vendor can write a cookie to your browser saying you would probably be interested in buying clothes. When you visit another site that uses that vendor, it reads your cookies and tries to serve a relevant ad.

You have the right to opt out of cookies that track personal information. This website uses ads from Google, which partners with other third-party vendors.

To opt out of personalized ads from Google, visit their Ads Settings. To opt out of personalized ads from other third-party vendors, visit

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